Cuba Solidarity Campaign (South London)

The CSC is an organisation working to end the US blockade of Cuba. In South London we work to publicise the achievements of the Cuban Revolution in our meetings and activities. Contact Ray Davis on 020 7737 2304 or Steve Johnson on 020 8671 0730.



Green Party

With a growing number of councillors and Greens in the London Assembly and European Parliament we are already making a difference. Support us in scrapping Trident and creating a fairer, safer, greener world. Email



Lewisham and Greenwich Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaigning against Trident in the UK and weapons of mass destruction globally; annual picnic Charlton House, 6 August – Hiroshima Day. Email phone 020 8857 1095 go to



Lewisham Anti-Racist Action Group

Campaigning against racism, fascism and Islamophobia. Helping lead the Unite Against Fascism campaign in south east London. Welcomes everyone who wants to stop the fascist BNP. Email or go to or



Lewisham Stop the War Coalition

The STWC campaigns nationally and locally against British involvement in aggression against other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, and the resulting terrorist threat and racist backlash in the

UK. Go to




Lewisham People Before Profit

We are Lewisham residents who have been active in various local campaigns who realised that we were combating problems of privatisation and the pursuit of profit and that the main political parties weren’t listening.  Go to



Lewisham Trades Union Council

Lewisham Trades Union Council is a group of local trade unions which are the voice of the Trades Union Congress. Phone Paul Moore on 020 8691 5572 or email



Progressive London

Unique coalition launched by Ken Livingstone across the political and cultural community, promoting progressive policies, and best practice from London, Britain and the world. Contact for local supporters




Respect Party

Respect is the anti-war party launched in 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq – best known for MP George Galloway in London and Salma Yacoob in Birmingham. Contact local supporters contact



Socialist Workers Party

A revolutionary socialist organisation that believes we need an alternative to market madness and the greed of MPs. We always encourage people fighting back against cuts and oppression. Contact Rob Owen at or on 07930 953 265.



South East London Morning Star Supporters

The Morning Star: The only newspaper in Britain fully owned by its readers. The quality left wing daily that campaigns for peace, socialism, trade unions and the environment. Only 60p from newsagents. Visit



South East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Twinning Network

Supporting Palestine’s struggle against Israeli occupation. For information about meetings, visits to/from Palestine, boycott Israeli goods information and actions, films (next 25/09/09) and fundraisers, email



Sydenham and Forest Hill Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaigns for nuclear disarmament, holds Spring Plant Fair each May, raising funds for Chernobyl Children's Fund, and Sydenham Garden Project, issues monthly newsletter. Email



United Nations Association Lewisham Branch

Part of the national UNA, strictly non party political, funded by members – supporting work of the UN, campaigning for development, peace and security and human rights. Phone Gurbakhsh Garcha on 020 8699 2050 or email



Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

A social and democratic revolution showing “another world is possible!” – local group, updates, films: next on inspiring Venezuela Youth Orchestra July 16th at 7.30pm Café Crema, New Cross SE14. News updates at email


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