Gig at the Albany Theatre, Deptford, Sunday 7 March 2010

Film Season at Café Crema, New Cross Spring 2010

Open House for an Open Gaza Saturday 18 September 2010



Saturday 18 September 2010

Open House for an Open Gaza


Please visit the separate Open House for an Open Gaza page for photos and more details.


Also, the Sale of Promises made a significant contribution to the funds raised, and the unsold promises are still available for the time being if you would like to make an offer.



Sunday 7 March 2010

At the Albany Theatre, Deptford, the Lewisham Young Mayor, with Lewisham Peace, Justice and Solidarity, presents


Dicusssions and films        FREE

Bands from 7.30 pm            £6 (£4 concessions)


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from 7.30 pm


Falling Embers



Tony Lording

singer songwriter




R & B/Gospel

Paul Moody

singer songwriter


Jim Radford

singer songwriter






singer songwriter


Strawberry Thieves

socialist choir



Food and Bar


from 6.30 pm            Caribbean food, including vegetarian dishes, from the Albany café


Discussion and Films


from 4 pm


Seventy years of struggle against racism in fascism in London

The next steps with local anti-racist campaigner

Greener Cities and Saving the Planet


by green activist Jim Jepps

Pictures of Afghanistan and Eyewitness Account

by photo-journalist Guy Smallman

Everyday Life in Palestine and the Relief Convoy to Gaza

Pauline Collins and Leah Levane talk about their experiences


There will also be stalls from the campaigning groups participating in Peace, Justice, Solidarity.


The Albany is in Douglas Way, off Deptford High Street, walking distance from Deptford and New Cross railway stations, Deptford Bridge DLR and buses 47, 53, 177, 188, 199, 225 and 453.


See for map and more details.


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Film Season at Café Crema, New Cross


Thanks to Kiri and Chris at Café Crema. For all the films at Café Crema there is a charge of £6 which includes polenta meal or cake and drink ordered at 7.30 pm, film screening 8.15pm.  Tickets available from the café in advanc. to guarantee a place at this cosy venue. 306 New Cross Road. London SE14 6AF. 2 minutes from New Cross and New Cross Gate stations mob 07905 961 876/ 07905 552 571 for information. Pop in: book your seat!


Thursday 25 February 7.30 pm

Listen to Venezuela

a revolutionary film about a revolutionary country with directors Michael Wayne and Deirdre O'Neill


Thursday 4 March 7.30 pm

Tocar y Luchar:To play and to fight

the award winning film about the inspiring Venezuelan youth orchestras


Thursday 11 March 7.30 pm

Jerusalem East Side Story

amazing film showing how Palestinians are being systematically driven from Jerusalem, 

then Q and A with member of Viva Palestina Gaza aid convoy


Thursday 18 March

Who shot the sheriff? The Battle of Lewisham 1977 and the Battle of Cable Street

short films looking at the fight against fascism from the 1930s to today with Q and A with film makers and Unite Against Fascism



Full Details


25 February

Listen to Venezuela with directors Michael Wayne and Deirdre O'Neill

Listen To Venezuela takes the viewer into a contemporary revolution and extraordinary experiment in radical democracy and social justice. Listen To Venezuela builds a multi-levelled, visually diverse account of the struggle for social change, a struggle to build a different kind of society where human needs, not profit, are prioritised; a struggle whose outcome has implications for all


Presented by the Lewisham and Greenwich Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in conjunction with Café Crema  New Cross


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4 March

Tocar y Luchar :  To Play and To Fight

The captivating story of the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System – an incredible network of hundreds of orchestras formed within most of Venezuela’s towns and villages.  Once a modest programme designed to expose rural children to the wonders of music, the system has become globally renowned.   The documentary portrays the inspirational stories of world class musicians trained by the Venezuelan system including world renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel.  The educational programme is now being introduced around the UK including in Lambeth.


Presented by the Lewisham and Greenwich Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in conjunction with Café Crema  New Cross


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11 March

Jerusalem ... The east side story 

Under the Israeli occupation. . Israel has pursued a policy of Judaizing the city, aiming to achieve “Jewish demographic superiority.” Part of this policy is to drive Palestinian Muslims and Christians out of the city; denying their presence, history, and ties to the land. The documentary takes you on a journey exposing Israel’s policy to gain supremacy and hegemony over the city and its inhabitants. It also touches on the future of the city: Jerusalem is the key to peace; without Jerusalem, there is no peace for anyone.


Q and A with with Leah L evane, Chair of the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign who went on the recent Viva Palestine convoy which broke the siege of Gaza


Presented   by the  East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign in conjunction with Café Crema , New Cross .


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18 March 

Anti-fascist short films-lessons from eight decades of fighting fascism in London


Who shot the sheriff  ? -the history of Rock Against Racism and Love Music Hate Racism inspiring and mobilising young people to stop the fascists by bringing together music and politics-from the 1970’s to today.


Lewisham 1977 about the Battle of Lewisham  filmed in New Cross by Deptford TV volunteers.


The Battle of Cable Street and The Legacy of Cable Street with film maker Yoav Segal 


With Q and A with film maker and Unite Against Fascism- important lessons as the fascist BNP stand in the forthcoming elections


Presented  by  the  Lewisham Anti-Racist Action Group and south-east London Unite Against Fascism in conjunction with Café Crema , New Cross;  also  join face book  ‘sel uaf

see LARAG  online exhibition with images and quotes about fighting fascism in London from 1930’s to 2010


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